School Daze

W.A.S.P. – Troubadour : January 14, 1984 (Click photo to enlarge)

This picture says it all. W.A.S.P. were the most dangerous and most out of control club band in all of Los Angeles at the time. It doesn’t take a genius to tell you what might happen when you light a huge sign on fire in a tiny little nightclub. Obviously, these guys were ready for the arenas, but the arenas weren’t ready for them…yet. I honestly thought the skin on my face was going to peel off from the intense heat that came from this blazing logo. The fiery red tone in this photo in this shot is real. And to make things worse, the crooked owner of the club made me pay him $10 to get my camera in…plus it was a school night. $10 was a lot of money to me back then. I wish I had a ticket stub to go along with this post, but the Troubadour rarely had tickets or stubs for their shows back then…I think it cost me and my buddy Rob $6 at the door. An historical show!

Shot from the Troubadour balcony with my trusty Canon AE-1 Program and an 80-300mm zoom lens.

2 Responses to “School Daze”

  1. Friggin GREAT picture man! That must have rocked seeing WASP back then. I saw them in 86 with KISS and 87 with SLAYER(if ya can believe that lol, CRAZY show! I have pictures of WASP & SLAYER from that show from the Aragon Ballroom 2-6-87) Is this the show where WASP was pro filmed? I have a DVD with like 3 pro songs from 84 at the Trubadour. Either way great picture! Ron

  2. i have a ticket for WASP at the troubadour..few years earlier than this show

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