Seeking Some Salvation

Arise Video Shoot
Mojave Desert
October 27, 1991

I hooked up with Sepultura in 1989, just as Beneath The Remains was working to establish them as the hottest name in extreme metal. I got along great with the guys and figured out how to converse with them despite their broken English. One thing that really attracted me to the band was that they always had a clear vision for raising the stakes album after album.

The band and I struck up a strong friendship quickly – perhaps it was the Brazilian in them mixing with the Latino in me…who knows, we just clicked. Max Cavalera asked me if I wanted to head out to the California desert and shoot some photos as they filmed the music video for the song Arise. We were in the middle of nowhere – the same desolate area that Charles Manson would often seclude himself in. Although the photos look like it was a warm sunny day, it was actually dangerously cold – the temperatures dropped below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This caused huge problems, especially for the extras that hung from the huge wooden crosses, wearing nothing more than a loincloth and a gas mask. Some of them collapsed right in front of me, suffering from hypothermia and exhaustion. It was eerie, very biblical.

Dino Cazares (Fear Factory) and Billy Gould (Faith No More) had tagged along with the band as well that day, all of us not knowing what we were getting ourselves into. I remember all three of us huddling together like a couple of school kids, trying to stay as warm as possible between takes. It was so damn cold that my camera’s internal metering system started freaking out from the low temperatures. Once again, it was all guessing and know-how to get through a shoot. Desolation, hypothermia, Sepultura and Mother Nature are an incredible combination.

Photographed with an old vintage Canon F1 camera body and a cheap, no name 28-80mm lens. Shot on Fujichrome film.

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