Bands that should have made it big…The Sea Hags

The Sea Hags
The Palace ; Hollywood
August 25, 1989

Part four of a four-part series I’m doing this week, featuring bands that should have made it big, but for one reason or another it just didn’t happen.

The Sea Hags were set to be the next big thing, rumors were that they were on their way to be the next Guns N’ Roses. Even though they were from San Francisco, they had a strong following in Southern California. Producer Mike Clink – coming off of GNR’s Appetite For Destruction – produced their one and only self-titled album, and it was amazing. Things looked great for the band, at least from the outside. But the band was plagued with internal problems – they were self-destructing at warp speed. Even their manager at one point said “you can only go so far with three junkies and an alcoholic”…but man, did these guys rock. In February of 1991, their bass player Chris Schlosshardt, died of a heroine overdose. Sadly this marked the end of The Sea Hags. Substance abuse and drug addictions continued for the remaining three, some of which are still battling today.

Photographed with my trusty Canon AE-1 Program and a cheap, no name 70mm-210mm lens. Shot on Kodak Ektachrome film.

2 Responses to “Bands that should have made it big…The Sea Hags”

  1. drew morris Says:

    Good lord!I actually remember these guys!It’s always a damn shame to see a band self-destruct froim substance abuse-especially with all that potential.

  2. Len Nevarez Says:

    The Sea Hags truly were a great band, and their self-titled album still sounds great. I remember seeing them play an all-day show at the John Anson Ford Theater in Hollywood with Redd Kross (circa “Neurotica”) headlining and other acts including the Little Kings… um… maybe the Muffs, maybe the Hangmen…

    Man, where did all those bands go?! REDD KROSS: now THERE’S a band that should have made it big!

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