Max Cavalera
Phoenix, Az
February 26, 1993


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I was a huge Sepultura fan when I first hooked up with the band in 1988 on their first U.S. tour. Luckily their broken English was not a barrier – the band and I quickly developed a strong and lasting friendship that continues to this day. My connection with Max was very strong as he welcomed me into his home and private life. I spent a few weekends at his home, photographed him and Gloria as they received matching tattoos in their living room, and I was honored to photograph Max and Gloria’s wedding.

I received a phone call from Max, he had amazing news – Max was going to be a father. I was so proud and happy for Max and Gloria…almost as excited as they were. Nine months later I received another phone call…Max and Gloria wanted to fly me to Phoenix so I could shoot the first photos of newly born Zyon Cavalera and his family.

When I arrived, I felt so much love and joy in the house. I had never seen Gloria smile so much in my life, and Max was so proud. All of the other kids in the family, no matter their age, were just as excited about the new addition to the family. Max and I practically stayed up the entire night, talking, watching movies, eating junk food – just two friends catching up. The birth of Zyon really gave Max a new perspective on the world, his life and his music. He seemed much more focused and much more determined to take over the world.

The next morning I set up a nine-foot seamless backdrop in their living room and marched the proud parents in. Zyon was so alert and so cooperative, it was beautiful. I had never really dealt with kids before, let alone a baby that was only a few weeks old. At one point, Max got inspired and grabbed a sharpie and wrote “ZYON” across his knuckles. I told him to stick it out towards me while he held on to little Zyon. Max loved the word “ZYON’ written across his knuckles so much that a few days later he went and had his son’s name permanently tattooed on to his fingers.

The shot was magic…it turned out to be our favorite. The image really seemed to capture the strength and power that Max possesses yet it also showed the soft, fatherly side that Max was just beginning to discover.

Photographed in the Cavalera living room with my Canon EOS-1, a Canon 28mm-80mm f5.6 lens (top photo), a Canon 15mm fish-eye lens (bottom photo) and a small Novatron strobe light kit. Shot on Fujichrome Film.

3 Responses to “Daditude”

  1. this shoot is also memorable for the fans too. was fatherhood going to change Max? Was this going to alter what Sepultura were obviously on course to do (take over the world)? The answers were and remain a harsh NO! If anything, Fatherhood brings on a whole different realm of instinct and survival and Max Cavalera took these feelings to a higher level, especially on the first post Zyon LP “Chaos A.D.”. Excellent shots, great story and another feather in the cap of Metal History.

  2. What a beautiful photograph. I’ve always loved this shot and have seen it floating around the web and now I know who took it. Max is my biggest musical hero and I think its graet that he has always shared his family life with the fans.

  3. How appropriate and awesome it is for Zyon to play drums on a cover of the same song his heart beat was on. Talk about full circle!

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