Pasadena Openers…Leather Angel – 1983

Leather Angel
November 25, 1983
Perkin’s Palace : Pasadena, CA

Part one of a five-part series that I am doing this week on local L.A. bands in the ‘80s that were opening acts on some big gigs at my favorite venue as a kid – Perkin’s Palace in Pasadena California.

First, a little background on the venue. The Raymond Theatre was a beautiful 2000 capacity theatre built in the 1920’s. Vaudeville shows, movie screenings and live plays were the original uses of the theatre. In 1979, the venue broke into the live concert market and the theatre became known as a live venue named Perkin’s Palace. An incredible list of artists have performed on the Perkin’s Palace stage : The Cure, Motley Crue, Phil Collins, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Depeche Mode, The Ramones, and many, many more.

Growing up as a teen, I went to a lot of amazing shows at Perkin’s Palace. Luckily for me it was only about 20 minutes from my home and I could usually talk my Mother or my pal Erik into driving to some of the early shows. The ticket prices were low and you always got a handful of L.A.’s best bands – handpicked by Gina Zamparelli, who had to be the greatest promoter in L.A. in the 80’s. When Gina’s name was on the flyer or on the ticket, my pals and I knew that every band, whether we had heard of them or not, were worth getting to the show early for.

Steeler was super-buzzing at the time. They had an incredible LP out on Shrapnel Records and the band was filled with talent. The openers for that night – Leather Angel, Rough Cutt and SIN were three of the coolest up and comers in town. SIN was the brainchild of bassist Rik Fox, who had just left Steeler to form his own band – there was some competitive energy that night. Rough Cutt had just been picked up by Wendy Dio (Ronnie’s wife) for management. Leather Angel was an all female heavy metal band, they really stood out in terms of Local Metal Bands in Los Angeles.

I first saw them as Obsession when they opened for Motley Crue at Perkin’s Palace the previous year. Motley had taken a liking to them and that helped to build their street cred in L.A. Soon after, legalities arose with another band using the same name and the girls were forced to rename the band to Leather Angel. The band was fantastic both live and on record. They kept up and played with the best of L.A.’s Metal acts – Ratt, Motley Crue, Steeler, Black & Blue, etc. Their EP, We Came To Kill, was a solid release with some local radio airplay. The record proved that this band was just not a bunch of good looking chicks, these girls could rock and they were serious about it.

[On a personal note – their manager, Keith Dyson, once tried to extort photos that I had taken of the band and threatened to take my mother’s home. I was barely 15 years years old when Keith Dyson threatened me, and I didn’t really know any better, I was intimidated and terrified. What kind of manager threatens a little kid with a camera? Keith, if are reading this…call me, call me collect…I am not a little kid anymore.]

Leather Angel later went through a handful of lineup changes and changed their name to Jaded Lady. Jaded Lady’s claim to fame was their appearance in Penelope Spheeris’ 1988 film, The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years.

Photographed with my trusty, smuggled in Canon AE-1 and a cheap, no name 70mm-210mm lens. Shot on Kodak negative film.

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5 Responses to “Pasadena Openers…Leather Angel – 1983”

  1. Andy Tuba Says:

    Special times, my friend. I still have a picture my mother took of Eric and I as we were leaving to meet up with you and Rob on this night. For myself, this was one of the great Perkins Palace shows that we all went to. I agree with you that all the bands were awesome that night. It was a milestone event for several reasons; It was one of my first local metal showsat a club, my hair was getting longer and I was wearing my first “official” rocker” outfit that wasn’t borrowed. I felt like I was fitting in. And, when you’re 16, that is of the utmost importance. I also remember meeting and then asking W.A.S.P. bassist/singer Blackie Lawless for his autograph. The only problem was, I thought I was meeting Mick Mars of Motley Crue. Kevin gave me a picture he had taken of Motley to sign. I give credit to Blackie for not blasting me for having him sign a photo of someone else. Thanks for the memories, Kevin.

  2. Keith Dyson died august 2008 you will have to wait to speak to him

  3. Hello Kevin,
    Keiths father Alan lives in Vancouver bc .He hadnt seen Keith for 40 years.Alan is my uncle.I live in North east england and had been searching online for Keith and his sister Linda. Linda is alive and well in BC.I unfortunetly traced them two months to late .I was unaware of the problems Keith caused you all those years ago .Our side of the family in England have no photographs or information about him.I found out he lived on Wilshire blvd and was married to a lady called Rose for 30 years.
    have you any pictures or information about Keith ?
    thank you for taking the time to read this

  4. Keith Dyson managed one of my bands once, he was a major asshole and someone let me know where he’s buried so I can PISS on his grave
    see ya fat boy

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