Summer Tours Taking Their Toll

To my loyal readers

It looks like I have no choice but to reduce my posts to Two or Three posts per week rather than Five times a week…at least until the summer concert tour season slows down.  I have been hoping this was not going to happen, but it looks like I can’t keep fighting this.  I am just being hit from every angle – Warped Tour, Mayhem Tour, Ozzfest, Cruefest – plus all the regular shows and sessions I normally shoot.  So please stick by me and keep tuning in and telling your friends.  If it were not for you, loyal readers and true music fans, this blog would have no life and no spirit.  Don’t give up on me, I still have lots of great stuff coming up every week.

Kevin Estrada

7 Responses to “Summer Tours Taking Their Toll”

  1. Say hi to all the awesome people you’ll be meeting for me!!!

  2. No problem Kevin-looking forward to more great stories and photos as well.

  3. Your blog rules man! read all the time. I don’t blame you this summer has some great tours going on.

  4. Norv Rothschild Says:

    Mr. Estrada. Can you please make a post that details your plans for making your collection available for purchase? Thank you.

  5. Andy Tuba Says:

    It’s like you said it beats working at Burger King, right? Being that I’m a glutton you’re not getting rid of me. Take care of yourself. Those summer tours/festivles can be brutal.

  6. Dirt Junior Says:

    good seeing you last night! Machine head ruled!

  7. Big Bob Says:

    I really need this fix every day – but I’ll live with it. I’ll just read it over and over until a new one is posted.

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