Pacific Amphitheatre
Costa Mesa, CA
May 25, 1991

Megadeth is one of the few true Metal bands that pushed the envelope and helped heavy metal music expand – they did what very few bands could. Because of this, Megadeth is part of an elite few that will go down in Metal History. So why did I not really get into the band when they emerged out of the early Thrash scene in the mid-eighties? Why was I so late to discover how amazing Megadeth’s debut album is? I’ll tell you why.

I was a teen when Killing Is My Business…And Business Is Good! was released in 1985. It wasn’t a matter of just being able to pick up the LP and throw it in with the rest of your metal albums at home. This was a very unique situation. We, as metal fans, had to make a choice. You had to choose sides and stick with your decision. It was Megadeth or Metallica. Once that choice was made, there was no going back…this was serious. I chose Metallica.

The battle between Megadeth’s Mechanix and Metallica’s The Four Horsemen seems worth investigating. Why would each band allow the other to record nearly the exact same song with no lawsuit or legal action taken by either side? If this happened today, I assure you that it would be impossible for another band to mimic a single verse recorded by Metallica let alone an entire song.

Nowadays, it seems crazy to have to make a lifetime musical choice like that, but it happened more than you think. Van Halen or David Lee Roth, Ozzy or Dio, UFO or MSG. Today, people are a lot more open-minded when it comes to music. Fortunately, it was not too late for me to discover what a solid album Dave Mustaine created after being booted out of Metallica back in 1983.

Photographed with my Canon EOS1 and a Canon 80mm-200mm 5.6f lens. Shot on Kodak Negative film.

4 Responses to “MegaLate”

  1. Dirt Junior Says:

    they have not made a good disc since Rust in Peace! great pic!

  2. Dave’s influence on Thrash Metal, no matter what he does, say’s or releases musically, is undeniable. Think about it…

    Metallica-…w/out Dave ‘Kill Em All’ would’ve been a VERY different record. His riffs, his songs, he was a HUGE part of Metallica early on. Mustaine’s attitude and stage presence obviously rubbed off on James Hetfield

    Slayer- Kerry King playing in the earliest versions of Megadeth and learning from Dave. Dave’s influence on Kerry’s playing cannot be overlooked.

    Megadeth…nuff said.

    He had his hand in 3 of the Big 4 of Thrash Metal.

  3. anthrax420 Says:

    pffff… Megadeth is da best. Metallica is a bunch whining little sell outs. and Megadeth still makes decent music.

  4. anthrax420 Says:

    and by the way… why do you HAVE to choose between the two? i just don’t like Metallica, it’s not cuz i feel obligated to choose from either.

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