High And Not So Dry – The R.I.P. Series

Steve Clark
Def Leppard

Date Of Death: January 8, 1991
Cause Of Death: Mixture Of Anti-Depressants and Alcohol

Def Leppard was a huge influence on me growing up. Most of the metal and hard rock bands I listened to were from America. Def Leppard, along with Iron Maiden, were the most important bands that hit me out of The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. The bands first three albums blew me away…all edgy, hooky and heavy in a way that was completely original and legit.

Def Leppard has obviously had their fair share of problems over the years: drummer Rick Allen lost his left arm in an auto accident; guitarist Pete Willis was asked to leave the band due to a severe drinking problem; and that brings us to Steve Clark.

Steve Clark was one of the main contributors to the band’s music, lyrics and sound. His live performances were quite memorable, he was always on fire. Despite the creative genius that was Steve Clark, his musical work with the group was increasingly interrupted by his severe battle with alcoholism.

Clark’s battle began in the early 1980’s and increasingly grew more and more dangerous to him and the band. Alcoholism was seriously damaging his musical career. At the time of his death, his band-mates had placed Clark on a six-month leave of absence from Def Leppard in an attempt to reform the guitarist.

Although I have met and photographed Def Leppard a few times, I never had the opportunity to meet Steve Clark. In memory of Clark, his band-mates wrote and recorded the song White Lightning – honoring Clark’s preference for white clothes on stage. Check out my photo…he is dressed all in white.

Photographed with my old Canon AE1 Program and a cheap, no name 70mm-210mm f 5.6 lens. Shot on Kodak Ektachrome film.

One Response to “High And Not So Dry – The R.I.P. Series”

  1. I´m a huge fan of Def Leppard and Steve was a part of Def Leppard´s soul.They are not as good as they were without Steve,even they are still awesome!I think of him every day,listen to his music every day and he will always be in my heart!

    I miss you,Steamin´.

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