A True Symbol Of Salvation – The R.I.P. Series

Dave Pritchard
Armored Saint

Date Of Death: February 27, 1990
Cause Of Death: Leukemia

One thing that you need to understand about my early teens is that local bands were just as big as arena bands to us. We had the great and unfair advantage of seeing many of our local heroes blow up and become some of the biggest names in rock – Van Halen, Motley Crue, Ratt, etc. Armored Saint was next in line and in prime position. Armored Saint went from being the biggest unsigned local band in the San Gabriel Valley to a household name around the country.

During Armored Saint’s rollercoaster of a career, the band faced some serious changes that challenged the future of the mighty rockers. In 1989, the band made a bold decision to replace guitarist Phil Sandoval, recruiting another local hero, Jeff Duncan of Odin. As the new Saint lineup began work on new songs and demos for their upcoming album, guitarist Dave Pritchard was diagnosed with Leukemia. Unfortunately, the aggressiveness of the disease would prevent Pritchard from taking part in the final recording sessions of Symbol Of Salvation.

In a heartfelt move, Sandoval returned to Armored Saint, replacing Pritchard and bringing harmony to the Saint Family. Armored Saint honored Pritchard’s memory by using his guitar solo that he recorded on the four-track demo version of Tainted Past for the final album version that was released on Symbol Of Salvation.

Photographed with my old Canon AE1 Program and a cheap, no name 70mm-210mm f 5.6 lens. Shot on Kodak Ektachrome film.

5 Responses to “A True Symbol Of Salvation – The R.I.P. Series”

  1. dave was much to young to die it was a very sad day when i heard of his passing iam sure god loves hearing his music

  2. Chad Alexander Says:

    Great shot! RIP David. Was this at Perkins Palace?
    I saw David’s last show at The Water Club in San Pedro.
    Can’t wait for the new cd.

  3. Every time a new saint CD emerges I find myself getting all misty eyed and search for all things Dave Pritchard, I’ve no idea why! Just stumbled across your site and I love it, being English I watched with severe excitement your local bands “coming of age” back in early 80’s! It’s kinda coming full circle, hell at Download this year Ratt & Cinderella for gods sake! LA RAZA is simply stunning, makes you wish they had never split (or met anthrax) My only wish now is for them to tour it in the UK! Respect Kevin,
    Dave Pritchard, Never, ever forgotten RIP
    To all Armored saint fans REGARDS & RESPECT

  4. I was fortunate to have seen Armored Saint 3 times and to this day continue to be amazed at Jeffs guitar work. Every time I listen to his awesome rythms and scorching leads it always brings a big smile to my face. I think of Jeff often and what could have been for this outstanding guitarist. I was happy he was able to get to play in Europe before his very unforntunate death. My father died of Leukemia as well so I know what he must have gone through. Hope to see you both again someday.
    Rest in Peace

    • Dan Miller Says:

      What can I say except Dave Prichard would have been one of the best guitarists around right now if were still with us. I was lucky enough to meet him at a small club in Upland CA. On their lasg tour of Raising Fear album since I was good friends with some of his family. R.I.P. Dave…..

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