If You Can’t Shoot ‘Em…Draw ‘Em! – new discovery

Diamond David Lee Roth
Summer 1984
Drawn By Kevin Estrada

Not too long ago, my Mother and my Step-Father came across a few of my things that had been buried away for years. It was like Christmas morning for me when my Mother handed me a box filled with memories from my teen years. Just when I thought I had the good, we have come across another fantastic find…this time buried away in storage.

I had forgotten all about this one. This is obviously my rendition of the famous shot of DLR on the back of Van Halen’s debut LP. What a photograph, what a pose, what a band, what a front-man. This photograph always captivated me…to the point of taking a handful of hours during summer vacation to draw this photo. My best drawings seemed to emerge while I was punished…stuck in my bedroom with nothing but time on my hands. I would throw myself on my bed, crank my music up and draw for hours on end. Some paper, a pencil and a little motivation and wah-lah.

This drawing and my others mean a lot to me (please read Part 1 of “If You Can’t Shoot ‘Em…Draw ‘Em”). When I look at them, I remember the passion and the excitement that drove me to live my dream of becoming a rock photographer…I never gave up. Yea, I know people say dreams are lame, but dreams really can come true…I am living proof. Today, I still have that same passion and excitement that I did back in the early 1980’s when I would dream about photographing my favorite band in the dressing room as they readied to hit the stage. I am blessed that my dream came true.

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