Then And Now Series : Madonna


I shot these two photos nearly a of a quarter of a century apart. I remember when Madonna was the hottest female in pop when I was a teen in ‘85…and I am not just talking about her music. Her dazzling face and body graced the cover of just about every magazine on every news-stand in the world. Now, 23 years later, she is even more dazzling.

I was lucky enough to sneak a handful of timeless photos during her infamous Virgin Tour in 1985. And just earlier this month, I had the privilege to be officially approved to shoot Madonna’s Sticky And Sweet Tour when it rolled through Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Some things just get better with time…these photos are the living proof.

One Response to “Then And Now Series : Madonna”

  1. waleed alawadhi Says:

    hi . you are right . some things gets better with time . that is the queen madonna . as a fan for nearly 23 years now . i can tell you that madonna got the power of ruling things and the power of keeping on . thanks for sharing your lovely pics with us .

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