The Many Faces Of Metallica : 1989 James Hetfield


Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre
Laguna Hills, CA
September 22, 1989


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Not too much had changed visually with the band from 1988 to 1989.  Sure there was a little more facial hair but the band was still outfitted in jeans and t-shirts.  The big difference, however, was that by the time Metallica rolled through town on the second leg of The Damaged Justice Tour, they were the biggest band in the world.

Metallica was now accepted by the main stream and were becoming a household name.  Music videos and televised awards performances became the norm.  Our little band was all grown up.  The Justice LP was an epic creation, as was the stage show.

This gig holds a very special moment in my heart.  It was the first time I shared the photo pit with fellow rock photographer Ross Halfin.  I had admired his work throughout my teen years and to be snapping next to him was something that I never thought would happen.  Unfortunately, Ross was a complete prick to me that night.  I later came to realize that Ross is a complete prick to everyone.

…And Photos For All

Photographed in the photo pit with my old Canon F1 and a cheap, no name 80-200mm f5.6 lens.  Shot on Kodak transparency film.


2 Responses to “The Many Faces Of Metallica : 1989 James Hetfield”

  1. Andy Tuba Says:

    Love the pics n words. The best Metal band still standing. Death Magnetic is a testamnent that they knew what they needed to do and in true Metallica fashion they did it and did it big.

  2. Scott Allan Says:

    I was there all three nights to see Metallica.Was I there to see play no more(Faith no more)not so much.The last night was the best when the band switched places and instruments.I remember being buzzed out of my head at the end of the concert when were all trying to leave at the same time it was like a cattle shoot,so I mooed real loud.Everyone started mooing and laughing,thats right I’m a legend in my own mind.

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