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The F.U. Series : Corey Taylor Of Slipknot

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Corey Taylor of Slipknot
Ozzfest ’99
July 24, 1999


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When I am asked what I do for a living, I explain that I am a Rock Photographer. Most people seem to find my job fascinating. They immediately picture the parties, the concerts, the tours, etc. Most people don’t seem to realize that there is a B-Side to this record – the long hours, the waiting, the bad attitudes, the ridicuous requests, the tardiness, and don’t forget all the physical damage I have taken over the years. Respect in the rock world is hard to come by. Respect and love are often shown in a number of different ways. Very often, that respect and love is shown to me in the form of a middle finger.

I shot this photo in Devore, CA at Glen Helen Pavilion. Devore is a small city, tucked away in the desert of San Bernardino, CA. It was hot, it was dusty and Slipknot was pissed off. They had one mission on this tour – to kill and destroy every audience – one city at a time.

This was the last stop on the 1999 Ozzfest Tour and Slipknot was full of rage. The band had been up early that day…in full costume and in the 100-degree plus heat before 11am. 11am!! No wonder they were so angry. This photo was taken just moments before Slipknot hit the side stage that day.

Photographed with my Canon EOS-1 Camera, and a Canon 28-70mm lens. Shot on Fujichrome film.