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Classic Reunions…Rage Against The Machine

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Rage Against The Machine
Rock The Bells
Hyundai Pavillion: Devore, CA
July 11, 2007

Part five of a five-part series I am doing this week on Classic Reunions. Each day I will add a new photo of a featured artist and that band’s classic reunion.

I was completely blown away the first time I saw and heard Rage Against The Machine. They sounded like no other band and they had the explosive energy of a Saturn 5 Rocket. Zack de la Rocha’s departure in 2000 from the band was and wasn’t surprising. Tensions had been rising within the band for the last few years and the decision making and creative process was rotting away.

Once the band was officially over, there were countless offers – huge offers – for a reunion…the demand was always there. But the band shrugged off every offer. Zach attempted to form a few urban-rock super-groups but quickly dismissed those to record an album with Trent Reznor. The world is still waiting to hear that one. The three remaining members of Rage joined forces with Chris Cornell to form critically acclaimed Audioslave. Still, the offers for a reunion poured in. And still, all four members passed on them all. Until…

The 2007 Coachella Festival in the California desert. Perhaps it was the fact that Audioslave had just fallen apart, perhaps Zach couldn’t find the right band for him, perhaps they had a new political message to voice. Who knows? Whatever the reason, all four members agreed to do it. The reunited Rage Against The Machine made no promises about the future of the band. A new album? A new tour? We are still waiting to see. The success of the Coachella reunion sprang them onto the 2007 Rock The Bells Tour, headlining over Public Enemy, The Wu Tang Clan, and many more.

Is Rage here to stay? I’m not sure. But they picked up right where they left off, the magic and the fury is still there.

Photographed in a political rage with a Canon 5D and a Canon 24mm-70mm lens

Amazing Screams…Chris Cornell

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Chris Cornell
Hollywood, Ca
December 7, 1989


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Part two of a five part series I am doing this week that captures Amazing Screams. Each day I will add a new photo of a featured artist and their classic scream.

Soundgarden was just starting to blow up around this time. They had a wild stage show, lead by front man Chris Cornell who frequently leapt off the stage to join the crowd, tackled other members of the band, and launch into one of the all-time great screams in rock&roll. The word grunge hadn’t really emerged yet. People didn’t know how to classify Soundgarden. Were they metal? Alternative? Or something totally different? The biggest part of their sound was Cornell’s ability to launch into these melodic, piercing screams. Instead of your typical cock rock, hair metal screaming, he had a unique kind of scream. It was melodic yet heavy, and he could wickedly scream through a word, adding emotional intensity and depth as opposed to just raw volume. My favorite Cornell screams from this era are in Far Beyond the Wheel, Loud Love, Hands All Over and Head Injury.

This is the show they filmed for the Louder Than Live video. One personal highlight: At this concert, I was crowd surfing and I did this roll forward, and ended up on stage, looking Chris right in the eye. So I did a back dive off the stage, but at the same time this fatso guy also dove off the stage. When he jumped off the stage, the crowd parted like the Red Sea, and no one caught me. I landed right on the back of my head. I stumbled off to the side, dazed. When I put my hand back to check it, it was covered in blood. Those were the days.

Photographed with my old Canon F1 and a cheap. No name 28mm-80mm f 5.6 lens.