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On Stage With…Cypress Hill

Posted in music with tags , , , on May 14, 2008 by Kevin Estrada

Cypress Hill
Rock The Bells
Hyundai Pavillion: Devore, CA
July 11, 2007

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Part three of a five-part series I’m doing this week, featuring shots that I took while being on the stage with bands. Each day I will add a new band and a new photo.


This was a very different show for me to shoot. I am really a rock guy, and to shoot a huge rap festival seemed like a stretch for me. However, when you have the return of Rage Against The Machine as well as Cypress Hill on the bill, it made a whole lotta sense for me to be there. I was shooting this show for a handful of mags including Rolling Stone. 10 minutes before Cypress Hill was to go on, I was told that management had given me approval to join Cypress on stage and shoot as much of their set from the stage as well as in the pit.

Normally, getting on stage means virtually no obstructions, but this time I had a big one, and it was one that I never faced before. I am not a smoker, so I must have a low tolerance, and I got one of the strongest contact highs in human history. I could not believe the amount and the quality of bud that was being smoked on that stage. I am not talking about a hit here and there. I am talking about huge Cheech and Chong sized joints – song after song after song. I was blown away that B-Real, Sen Dog and the rest of the boys could roll through a set with such expertise, and with such command of the crowd, while smoking that much dope.

The air was so thick and green that I could hardly remember how to work my camera. I must have gone on autopilot, like when you drive twenty minutes down the highway, get home and can’t remember how you got there. Take a look at the size of that joint B-Real is holding – I think this shot pretty much says it all.

Photographed on stage in the opium den with a Canon 5D and a Canon 70-200mm lens.