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Diary Of A Legend

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Ozzy Osbourne Tribute

Sunset Strip Music Festival

House Of Blues Sunset

W. Hollywood, CA

September 10, 2009

It’s been 40 years…can you believe it?  Ozzy has been inspiring us musically for 40 years now.  To help celebrate this, the Hollywood rock community joined together and kicked off the 2nd Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival with a special tribute honoring rock legend, Ozzy Osbourne.

The SSMF event honors icons who have made an impact on the legacy of The Sunset Strip. On Ozzy Osbourne’s first U.S. tour with Black Sabbath in 1970, the band performed a five-night stand at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go.

Ozzy’s well deserved tribute included special guest speakers Slash of Guns N’ Roses, actor Billy Bob Thornton, Henry Rollins of Black Flag, Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, and comedian Jim Norton.

The evening commenced with an all star jam / tribute that included musicians John 5, Steve Stevens, Billy Morrison, Frank Perez, Steve Jones, Kenny Arnoff, Chris Chaney, Donovan Leitch, Mark McGrath and Corey Taylor.

The SSMF culminated into a huge live show that blocked the streets of the Sunset Strip that had Ozzy as the headliner and Korn as direct support.  Sure, the traffic and parking was nuts, but it was mind-blowing to see the Sunset Strip shut down…all in the name of rock!

I will be posting some live shots of Ozzy and Korn from the big event in the next few days.

Stay tuned…

Amazing Screams…Henry Rollins

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Henry Rollins
Rollins Band
Lollapalooza ’91
Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre : Irvine, Ca
July 21, 1991

This is the first of a five part series I am doing this week that captures Amazing Screams. Each day I will add a new photo of a featured artist and their classic scream.

The thing about Henry Rollins is that he has never been a screamer. He has always been a power singer – that applies to his solo career and the Black Flag years. Rollins’ screams were more like a volcano – the pressure builds and builds and then it ferociously explodes – not into the mic – but right at the fans. This was the first ever Lollapalooza Tour and the Rollins Band was the low man on the totem pole. They were the opening act every day, usually performing in front of small crowds – the venues always filled up later as the acts got bigger and bigger. I remember capturing this shot when the Rollins’ volcano erupted. It didn’t matter that the amphitheatre was scarcely populated, Rollins was not about to let the small number of fans sit in their seats and bob their heads – he wanted them on their feet and he wanted them to rush the stage. This is Rollins in complete command of his audience. You had to respect him for this. I don’t know what Perry Farrell was thinking having the Rollins Band play at 11am – maybe it was Farrell’s way of saying, “Wake up, it’s time to rock.”

Photographed on my old Canon F1 and a cheap, no name 70mm-210mm f5.6 lens. Shot on Kodak Ektachrome film.