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Scream For Me…

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Iron Maiden – Long Beach Arena : March 16, 1985

I heard the news, big news – Maiden is playing 4 nights at Long Beach Arena. I knew I had to go! Then I heard more news, bigger news – Maiden is filming all 4 shows for their first ever live home video. I knew I had to go all 4 nights! I smuggled my camera into 2 of the shows. One night I managed to scoot by security and found myself crushed up against the stage. I tried my best to snap as many shots as I could, but because I am not the tallest guy in the world, I was pressed up against peoples’ armpits and backs, not to mention my face was slammed up against my camera. The lack of oxygen soon got to me and I passed out in the arena. I awoke and found myself lying on my back in the main lobby of the arena with two paramedics hovering over me, giving me oxygen. Terrified that I had lost my camera, I patted myself down and discovered that somehow, just before I passed out, I was smart enough to shove my camera and lens into my pants. As soon as the paramedics allowed me to leave, I rushed back into the arena to shoot more. This was the last photo I shot just before I passed out.

Photographed while gasping for air with my trusty, smuggled in Canon AE-1 and an 80mm-300mm zoom lens.

In The Beginning…

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Judas Priest – Long Beach Arena : November 21, 1982

One thing that seems to surprise people is the fact that I started shooting rock bands when I was a young teen. So this is for the old school fans…a look into my early roots. I am sure this will be the first in a series. This shot is from one of my all-time favorite concerts. I will never forget the way the arena exploded when the band opened with Electric Eye. Rob Halford stood raised above the drum riser – laser lights shooting recklessly. There was such a mad energy from the crowd that night. I remember thinking to myself, Heavy Metal music is about to explode. I am proud to say that I was right.

Photographed from my seat with my trusty, smuggled in Canon AE-1, an 80mm-300mm zoom lens with a 2x tele-converter attached.