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Nailbomb Begins

Posted in music, photography, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on October 21, 2008 by Kevin Estrada

Nail Bomb
Scottsdale, AZ

As my friendship with Max Cavalera continued, it brought me close with another musician whom I had admired greatly, Alex Newport. Fudge Tunnel was one of those bands that completely blew me away when I first heard them – much like Sepultura did. Alex’s guitar playing greatly influenced the way I played guitar and the way I wrote songs. When Max told me that he and Alex were collaborating on a project, I knew that it was going to be one of the most original and incredibly inspired Cds that would come out in my lifetime.

Max called me and told me that he wanted to fly me into Phoenix so I could shoot some publicity and album photos of him and Alex. Max wasn’t really sure what he wanted in the photos, he just knew that he wanted something different, not your standard “stand in front of the camera and look pissed off” photos.

I got to Phoenix a few hours early and hooked up with my buddy Bobby to scout locations. Bobby was attending school out there, so he knew where to find what I was looking for. We stumbled across The Sun Club, a popular night club that had just recently burned down. I thought it was perfect. At the time, they were still calling the project Elephantitis Of The Scrotum. Prior to the shoot, Max had played me some of the new songs and told me about and described its hostile soul. I felt that I could really pull something cool off in this burned down club. I called Max and told him where to find me.

As Max and Alex walked into the destroyed venue, I could tell they were not really sure about this. They were worried that I was going to make them stand in the middle of a demolished room and look like a couple of bad-asses. I tore two pieces of fabric from a black backdrop I had brought with me and told them that I wanted to create a Vietnam-POW vibe. As I asked them to trust me, I blindfolded each of them and moved and placed them where I wanted them…never showing them any of the Polaroid tests until the end.

When they saw the samples I shot, they were blown away. It was exactly what Max and Alex needed to complete the package. And the rest is history.

Photographed with my Canon EOS1, and a Canon 28mm-80mm 5.6f lens. Shot on Fujichrome film.