…Introducing…Judas Priest – 2011

Judas Priest

May 24, 2011

Renaissance Hotel : Hollywood, CA

The Judas Priest saga continues…and luckily into my hometown.  I was lucky enough to be invited to the official debut of Judas Priest 2011.  The addition of new guitarist Richie Faulkner and exit of founding member K.K. Downing was the initial focus of the gathering, but discussions of the band’s upcoming farewell tour – The Epitaph Tour – and the future of Judas Priest soon took over.

The band blended very well with the K.K. Downing / Point Of Entry looking Faulkner, who seems to be bringing some well needed energy and youthfulness to the Metal Godfathers.  It will be interesting to see what 2011 brings us – it has already brought Judas Priest into our living rooms last night via American Idol.  Long live Metal! What’s next?

5 Responses to “…Introducing…Judas Priest – 2011”

  1. Andy Tuba Says:

    After watching the American Idol finale with Richie Faulkner and James Durbin I came away with what was the clearly the best performance of the night. I loved Faulkner’s lead on “Breaking the Law” and his stage prescence. He’s not too scripted and has his own sense of style and flare. A great selection on behalf of the Metal God’s with this new member. And, I thought James Durbin’s performance was fantastic and done with respect. Here’s a 22 year-old young man who just 6 months ago was delivering pizza’s. What a dream-come-true!?! The fact that he “lost” isn’t what I’m paying attention to. He went out there, week-after-week paying homage to Metal by chosing to sing Heavy Metal music even though the “producers” of the show thought he was crazy. He could be a big-name in Metal if he does things right AND people give him a chance. I know many in the Metal community have trouble accepting this singing competition as “legit”. But after last night this should change some attitudes. Judas Priest, arguably one of the biggest Metal band’s in all the land saw it as an opportunity offering exposure not common for this very important music…METAL!

    • Andy…thanks for the comment. I agree, Faulkner’s lead in Breaking The Law was superb. It was true to K.K. while adding a bit of Faulkner’s own zest and style. He seems to be a perfect fit with Priest. Durbin’s performance was very good, agreed. However, the emphasis on trying to look as Metal as possible seemed a bit over the top, humorous, and distracting. Durbin’s voice and talents speak for themselves and perhaps dressing a bit more like himself and selling himself could have made this performance and team up a bit more realistic – afterall, these are two generations coming together here. I know it is Hollywood, but I guarantee you that whatever road Durbin’s career takes, he will never wear an outfit like that again – ever. I would have preferred to see who James Durbin really is, rather than a Rob Halford leather boy clone that could have been in a Saturday Night Live skit.

  2. Andy Tuba Says:

    I’d rather he looked and sang like he did than having the roles reversed but I agree with the get-up. Too Halford-esque for sure. But it was keeping it Metal non-the-less. The same could be said for the Faulkner “look”. Has that always been his image or is it by design to be more palatable?!? Either way, like the old saying goes “the clothes do not make the man”

    • My parting words on this : If he truly is a fan of metal and respects it, then why look silly and give the non-metal supporters more ammunition? Am I the only one tired of having to defend myself because I love metal?

      • rob cardenaz Says:

        Obviously i never watch or follow Idol and the only reason I looked this up was cause of this blog and my astonishment that Priest would actually do this. I found the whole thing disgusting to my metal senseibilities. That being said I see both sides, as you say Andy about bringing metal forward in a new forum, I get it, don’t like it but I get it. Performance wise I thought it was top notch but I have to follow along kevin’s comments about his costume and it was a costume and only time will tell if he’s really true a truermetal guy. i don’t by it but then again it’s my first time seeing this guy. Overall It’s a big disappointment for me that priest would even do this. If you want to bring metal to a new audience go on tour as support with the American Idol winners past and present and blow them off the stage every night! now that’s something I could respect.

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