Thanks For Reigning : Tribute To Jeff Hanneman

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Jeff Hanneman Memorial

Hollywood Palladium

May 23, 2013

I started shooting Slayer in 1984…and in that time, I became close with the band.  From sneaking my camera into the club shows to becoming a co-producer on the Soundtrack To The Apocalypse box set – it has been a great ride.  But this one hit hard.  At his celebration, every snap of my camera brought me closer and closer to the end of a big chapter in my life.  I know Slayer will go on – in one form or another – but there is such a sense of unwanted closure.  It is hard to put in words – so I am giving you a little taste of what Slayer gave me over the years.  Thank you Tom, thank you Kerry, thank you Dave, thank you Paul and Jon…and lastly – thank you Jeff, and farewell.

10 Responses to “Thanks For Reigning : Tribute To Jeff Hanneman”

  1. […] photo tribute to late SLAYER guitarist Jeff Hanneman by photogapher Kevin Estrada can be found at this location. It consists of photos from this past Thursday’s (May 23) public memorial celebration for […]

  2. epic slide show Kevin!!! Thanks for sharing! Killer pics!

  3. pat vergara Says:

    Great write up…I first seen slayer iin 85..with dark angel…and. ..possesssed..what a show…never misssed. A slayer show. Since

  4. I got into Slayer late, but have been a fan for 21 years. In the end Slayer became my favorite metal band. R.I.P Jeff.

  5. gene dulay Says:

    Yeah i used to buy pic from you in reseda at the country club back in the days slayer use to play that venue with d.r.I

    you are one lucky dude to photograph the greatest band of my era never there will be no more after. period. rip jeff onto a new form of life…

    • Hey man – thanks for reading and reaching out. So cool that we met back in the day and I thank you for buying my photos back when I was just starting out. It is fans line you that always kept me inspired to follow my dream to photograph my favorite bands. Thank you!!!

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