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Thanks For Reigning : Tribute To Jeff Hanneman

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Jeff Hanneman Memorial

Hollywood Palladium

May 23, 2013

I started shooting Slayer in 1984…and in that time, I became close with the band.  From sneaking my camera into the club shows to becoming a co-producer on the Soundtrack To The Apocalypse box set – it has been a great ride.  But this one hit hard.  At his celebration, every snap of my camera brought me closer and closer to the end of a big chapter in my life.  I know Slayer will go on – in one form or another – but there is such a sense of unwanted closure.  It is hard to put in words – so I am giving you a little taste of what Slayer gave me over the years.  Thank you Tom, thank you Kerry, thank you Dave, thank you Paul and Jon…and lastly – thank you Jeff, and farewell.