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Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a rock photographer. All my friends wanted to be Eddie Van Halen, but I wanted to be the guy who was shooting Eddie Van Halen. I seemed to always want to collect things, to document things – to somehow hold on to that moment and make it last forever. From old gig flyers to concert jerseys to programs and more. For the past 20 years, I must have taken between two and three million photographs of musicians in concert, backstage, on the road and in the studio. I’m not sure why photography is so important to me. I guess I hate to see great moments in life disappear. And rock & roll has given me most of the great moments of my life. So the best thing I can do is capture rock&roll on film. That’s what I’ve spent my entire working life doing, and I’m grateful to have the ability to share my work with the world.

17 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. Len Nevarez Says:

    Hey Kevin, do you take requests? If so, do you have any pix of the notorious Slayer show at the Hollywood Palladium, around the summer of ’87, for the “South of Heaven” tour? I recall there was a bit of a riot outside the venue because of the ticket situation: oversold? not enough? But inside was sheer mayhem, the scariest show I have still ever attended in 25 years of concert-going. One of my top 3 favorite concerts ever!

  2. You rock brother!!!
    All respect!!!

  3. […] Introducing/describing this guy prooves to be a problem,so let me quote a line you will read at his blog’s “About” section; […]

  4. Kev-
    This blog is awesome! I have forwarded it on to a bunch of folks and they each remember one or two of the concerts you have highlighted. Rock On!

  5. Kev – I LOVE it! Have so enjoyed reading your entries…can’t wait
    to read the next bunch and see the photos…how about the Country Club Grindcrusher Tour? …ha!


  6. Surfmonkey Says:

    Remember when the Dice man was filiming late at night on Gayley Avenue?

  7. I love your site. Keep it up !

  8. Awesome Site Kevin!

    Not sure you remember me, you were my contact at Hollywood during the early 90s (around the time you had gotten married, the big earth quake, etc.). The best part about your blog is reliving some of the conversations we had, at the time you had just finished shouting Kiss for Alive III promo pics, and I asked you if you would prefer to see the original Sabbath or Kiss get back together again. Who knew both would soon be upon us a few years after! Seeing the VH pics were also great, you did mention that they were your band back then. Anyway, great to find you on the web after all of these years.

  9. Hey dude, AWESOME PHOTOS FROM A CLASSIC ERA!!! Do you still have those old Bn’B demos? Or any shows? Or any other old demos? Pls email me!


  10. I don’t know if you will ever read this, but I’ll post it anyways…:D

    I love your photography! Your pictures are truly amazing and really tell a story. The ones of Nikki Sixx are great. I’m also into photography…I post a lot of my photos on my blog. Check it out sometime!

    -Raven :)~

  11. Kev-

    Did you work at Roadrunner Records?

  12. Moses Posada Says:

    Hey Kevin, you and I had exchanged e-mails a long time ago. At the time I was looking for the date that Armored Saint opened for Ratt at Perkins Palace just prior, or right about the time that they got their record deal. This gig stuck in my mind as it was the only one that I had ever snuck into without a ticket. The side double doors had a small crowd in front of them, burst open and 2 big bouncers started pummeling the first guys they could get their hands on. My friend Chris and I slinked right down the center and headed up to the balcony. What a beautiful venue that was, and surely hosted some great music (and perhaps movies) over the passage of time. I’m certain it was 1983. Anyway, I felt an urge to listen to some Saint today, started doing some google searches and came upon your blog once again. You and I crossed paths at many a concert I’m sure, not to mention the granddaddy of them all, the US Festival 1983. Someday if our watches and locations are synchronized, the drink is one me. The least I could do for flooding my mind with the beloved memories of my youth that were filled with loud guitars plugged into Marshall stacks. All the best,


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