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The Beast Kicks 2011 Into Action!

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Paul Di’Anno

The Key Club

West Hollywood, CA

January 5, 2011

First off…I am back – Happy New Year!!

If this is a sample of what 2011 is going to be like, then this year is going to blow my mind!  My first show of the year was Paul Di’Anno of Iron Maiden.  For those of you wondering whether Di’Anno still has it or not, he definitely does!  These handful of shows were extra special as Paul ran through the entire Iron Maiden LP as well as the best of Killers.  Also thrown in were some of Di’Anno’s favorites from his solo years.

Icarus Witch backed up Di’Anno and provided all the Maiden music.  I must say, they were nearly spot on.  Eddie Trunk had mentioned that he was a bit disappointed because he thought Icarus Dream played the tunes a bit too fast – not true, the tempos were just as tight as the current Iron Maiden plays them live.

Except for a few minutes where the venue seemed a bit quiet due to the crowd getting a bit “Hollywood”, the club was filled with maniac Maiden fans  – and Paul was feeling the love!   I was lucky enough to swipe Paul Di’Anno’s set list – one of the benefits of being smashed up against the stage all night.

Enjoy the slide show!  Up The Irons!!

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Scream For Me…

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Iron Maiden – Long Beach Arena : March 16, 1985

I heard the news, big news – Maiden is playing 4 nights at Long Beach Arena. I knew I had to go! Then I heard more news, bigger news – Maiden is filming all 4 shows for their first ever live home video. I knew I had to go all 4 nights! I smuggled my camera into 2 of the shows. One night I managed to scoot by security and found myself crushed up against the stage. I tried my best to snap as many shots as I could, but because I am not the tallest guy in the world, I was pressed up against peoples’ armpits and backs, not to mention my face was slammed up against my camera. The lack of oxygen soon got to me and I passed out in the arena. I awoke and found myself lying on my back in the main lobby of the arena with two paramedics hovering over me, giving me oxygen. Terrified that I had lost my camera, I patted myself down and discovered that somehow, just before I passed out, I was smart enough to shove my camera and lens into my pants. As soon as the paramedics allowed me to leave, I rushed back into the arena to shoot more. This was the last photo I shot just before I passed out.

Photographed while gasping for air with my trusty, smuggled in Canon AE-1 and an 80mm-300mm zoom lens.